Sunday, December 9, 2007

Members of Slovenian parliament as political inquisition

One of working bodies of Slovenian Parliament (National Assembly - NA) took the session in previous week to discuss teaching methods of one of Professors of Slovenian Social sciences at Ljubljana University. Initial situation is actual since Slovenian presidential election in October 2007 and with this inquisition session it reached the peak. It could be funny if it wasn't tragic.

Background: One of most prominent Slovenian political theoretics, full professor at Ljubljana university (who is also vice-president of social Democrats (SD) - at the moment greatest opposition party) and also internationally well established theoretic is using as his teaching method also "observation with researchers presence" where students go and observe different political activities. He ordered them to observe if leaders of religion groups will on the day of election, when no political agitation shall take place in Slovenia, make some statements how their believers should vote.

Students of theology, Roman-Catholic church and Social democratic party of Slovenia(SDS) (other than Social Democrats) made great noise about violating the freedom of speech and privacy. University of Ljubljana and Faculty of Social sciences supported their professor, National office for public information also found no evidence of privacy violation. Government somehow did not make clear statement on the question. But for SDS it was not enough (It is important to say that SDS is conservative party relatively close to Church while SD is more liberal and developed as strongly reformed communist party).

They started procedure for the session of Working body of NA for human rights questions. And last week they have a session with hearing of professor. Main initiator of session was Member of parliament (MP) that was studying theology and mostly failed, who was TV leader but never really succeeded and who was some kind of fashion model or national miss but also never succeeded. Now she is MP and it should be better for Slovenia if she left politics alone.
The second one at least gained her BA degree in agriculture. But none of them is capable of understanding political science as science.

I know that many visitors on my blog come around the world, from different universities and faculties. And I just decided to tell you how actual Slovenian politics is suppressing autonomy of Slovenian universities in the part where they can be critical towards the actual social situation.
Herby, I am expressing my support to autonomy of university and I protest against hearing the professor in political institution for academic work. It is perfect copy of what totalitarian regimes preformed in the past and they still do today. I hope that this post will start to raise unpleasant questions about autonomy of Slovenian Academia endangered by political institutions.


slovene patriot said...


Why do slovene politicians allow serbians to run their industry’s, economy and ofcourse academia?

I hope slovenia can loosen the grip of the serb underground and make even more gains as a great democracy. it seems to me as an outsider that the serbs are the ones with an inferiority problem. Why don’t they stay in belgrade and mind their own business. We don't need their academic input - we subsidized their government for a half century. They remind me of a low-life girl that couldn't be successful and had to live vicariously through my success. Slovenes need to drop that dead weight like it hot.


slovene patriot

harry said...

dear patriot, I am nos sure if i got you right but for your statements it could be useful to know why do you think so. Personally I do not agree in any point of view. If you support all other arguments with something else but political statement maybe we could understand you but I will never agree that Slovenia is great democracy. Not because of national composition but because misuse of democracy as concept for narrow political interest of different elites arount the world