Sunday, December 20, 2009

Price of freedom and free spirit

Some months ago, Dutch social court ruled out that 14 year-old Laura Dekker is not allowed to sail the seas around the world alone and gave her under the custody of social services. Young girl with vision and strong will was subordinated by the political system. Person born in absolute freedom was imprisoned by the state due to immaturity of judges, who never knew what is free spirit at 14.
She run away, from the social services that shall take care of her until reaching appropriate limit in age. She was able to pick up her fortune of 35000 Euros before anyone realized. If I shall be her parent I shall sue state immediately, due to irresponsibility in first robbing a child of dreams, opportunity to develop own individuality and for destroying her life by forcing her into uncontrolled escape.
Sometimes, respecting childrens' rights is not to close them into a cage of normality but by let them be free and young. This girl is typical case of strong violation of her rights due to lack of understanding that young people are sometimes more mature than we thing. And finally, children of 14, smoke, drink alcohol, have sexual relationships, even get pregnant and abuse drugs - and nobody shows them right way. When somebody wants to do something what is not this, is proclaimed too young and not mature. Fuck such childrens' rights.

Laura go for it whatever is your plan.

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