Sunday, December 13, 2009

Berlusconi hit in the face

Italian prime minister Berlusconi was hit in the face. It is interesting that, first he was addressing the crowd with explanation that he could not be a monster, because he is handsome. It seems interesting that some guy had enough and improved Berlusconi's handsomeness with nice punch in the face. According to the pictures after the incident - Berlusconi is not only ugly (so he must be a monster) but also quite terrified by the situation - so he is only ordinary guy with money that can buy him a new face and young sluts but no protection form angry crowd. I believe that tonight many of his political "friends" are laughing at him. Especially guy who has nice color on his face, German prime minister Merkel and some others as well. Life is fair after all - even in politics.

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Aleš said...

Egli non tan, ma rosso