Saturday, June 7, 2008

Naj se mu zaleti prekmurska gibanica - poem for Satan

Satan is visiting Slovenia for second time - he will eat Slovenian national food and I just hope that he will choke with it. In fact I am surprised and also not surprised, how country that proclaims itself as democratic (Slovenia in this case) is willing and happy to host G.W. Bush who is personalized evil, symbol of corruption and misleading his own nation by false reports justifying numbers of dead American and other solders as well as many more dead civilians. It is not democratic, it is not human and it is against international law - but it certainly serves interests of American political and Economic elite - not to ordinary American citizens. (They are facing misery and danger in just the same extend as usually).
I hope that Air Force one will fall down In the middle of Atlantic ocean and the God will finally show at least some sympathy (It is bad to wish someone death - but he wants many dead people and I wish it only to him). Let my dead prayer will be fulfilled only this time just to provide possibility to save others from dying. It is romantic illusion but it will certainly make much more people happy than hanging of Saddam Husein.
Today I am ashamed that I belong to the nation that is accepting unjust world killer by open hands - despite it is clear indication of Janša's government connection to the corruption, injustice and ass-kissing to those who can teach them how to enslave own nation and others.
After years I will go back to church and pay for holy service small wish of mine will be accepted by Creator.

Those who will be reading these words, spread the news that in USA about 1% of people is imprisoned (More than in China or Iran, states that are called undemocratic by Bush). That in USA about 40% of citizens live under poverty threshold. Every non-USA citizen that enters USA for the first time is automatically marked as criminal (in democratic states nobody needs to expose fingerprints just for entering the state). No other state shuts down web page of somebody living in other country just for offering business to citizens. No other state is pressuring on other countries to accept its military equipment in order to spy under the mask of assuring its own national security.

Despite every politician makes mistakes sometimes, there is no other person showing so much arrogance and is not able to use own native language as G.W.Bush - his own citizens should assassinate him and their education and IQ level would increase dramatically.

Silence of Europe hurts - they just shut up (it seems that some people got a lot of money from American administration - what was about CIA kidnapping people in Europe and transferring them to other states in order that they could torture them ??

So I just hope that someone will send the Satan GWB to where he belongs - together with Slovenian host.

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