Tuesday, August 5, 2008

changes in my water world

Sometimes writing in English is just too time consuming to do it, for a non-native speaker. And most of last topics are concerned with Situation in Slovenia that is going completely off the control before the parliamentarian elections that will took place in autumn. However, important part of the story is connected to the democracy question but still today I prefer to introduce another, much more pleasant change - my new 230l aquarium.
My Amazon world in 80l become too small so I upgraded it to 230 - It should be enough for some time.

So, what we have - two angle fish form previous 80l tank (another two died for no reason), 3 bronze Cories (Coridoras aeneus), 2 ancistrus, one pimelodus pictus, one mystus vittatus, one Platydoras Costatus (this fucker is guilty of reducing 10 neon fish to 3), 1 red ram (anotherone had also enough of me). This bunch of characters I lately accompanied with 4 Congo tetras (they do not belong in this tank but at least they are big enough that it will not be so easy to platydoras to have nice dinner of them) Ant there are another two fresh newcomers - discus. System works fine at the moment and it seems that they are happy in general for now.

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