Friday, May 22, 2009

Putting together Terrarium

In one of previous posts I described how I changed my Malawi aquarium to terrarium. After month of great life with bearded dragon I found out that not only fish but also reptiles can be fun (in fact much greater fun). So I decided to carry on with bigger terrarium. Idea was to out in something bigger and interesting. I was choosing between Green Iguana and Chinese water dragon (both need tropical arrangement with intense humidity). On the other hand I was dreaming about more interesting reptiles like Thorny devil (living only on thousands of ants on daily basis) Frilled lizard, or African Red headed dragon. There was also option for bunch of small collared iguanas. I started browsing on possibilities to get something interesting and calculating appropriate dimensions, including prices. Last possibility were wooden plates (plastic glass was too expensive), and most appropriate dimensions were 180x100 x 60 cm And here we go:

First: put together, bottom rear and both side walls: I used metal corner plates and screws - If I need to move box I will have easy work with possibility to put it together again anywhere else without harming structure.

On front side: adding additional small front wall where channels (see them on picture below)for plastic glass doors will be added later on. In the middle there is support for roof, preventing any possibility to have middle part lover than both ends.
Master of electricity. It was real mess until i did not completely finish with all wires. Don't panic and be careful how to place electricity in order to preserve cables form heat. Lamps are classical daylight reptile light and UVB12% lamp. From side there is heating lamp 100W. On floor there is layer of ceramics, heating cable, double layer of ceramics, thick PVC layer to prevent possible leaking form terrain towards heating cable and wooden bottom and finally there is half send half wood ground.

I added branch (one more should be added as it seems form today), waterfall, some rocks. And few cactus (real ones without serious thorns).

And here is his majesty Chlamidosaurus kingii ariving to new home and using my boots for throne :-)