Monday, May 18, 2009

Once more from treasure of Slovenian Police

Despite I mostly write in Slovenian, when talking about national questions. But concerning the fact that I had some nice academic debates on police state lately I will do it in English. I argue in general that Slovenian police is creating the social construct of proper driving in order to prevent death on Slovenian road. In most of the reports (like 90%) "unappropriate speed" is main reason for severe injuries or death in car accidents. Few days ago Slovenian army personnel crashed on highway with army adjusted MB 4x4 vehicle (link to the news - Slovenian). She was minor injured and police made report. In the report they stated that accident happend due to oil on the highway. I strongly dopub that there was like great lake of oil (at least prior the accident) and I also doubt that there was nobody driving over the same oiled area (if it was really there), with speed same or higher than she was driving. And there was no report on her alcohol level test (that should be done in the case of such accident with any driver). If same accident would happen to somebody else police report, according to the general pratice observed from the media, would be "unappropirated speed" that was to high concerning the road condition.

It seems that Slovenians are stupid not to find out that police reports on car accidents are often elaborated in the way to serve specific purpose of earning more budgetary money and to protect state position in relation to their own citizens. Taxpayers will pay for the repair of the car - or better - for new one. We will pay for her rehabilitation, road repair and intervention. And it is fine with me, if police would say the truth about the real causes (such car should be able to survive much more than oil on the road - was she using the phone, driving to aggressive, did she felt asleep, was car inappropriate maintained). When I had accident few monts ago in 10 cm snow on a highway (at 9.30 AM when should be at least partly cleaned) they imediately blamed my tires and not the condition of the road. Sorry I am not buying these stories.

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