Sunday, August 30, 2009

Are we better?

In Slovenian blog-space religious debate on one blog become more and more confused with different elements of life. And despite not very constructive it made me seriously thinking about one question concerning human being as a part of animal tree in nature. Somebody after long debate said, that human being has something that no animal have. But as far as I can think about it it is only that human being has certain attributes developed better or in other way (same rule applied to animals as well).

Simple: human beings are using two limbs to move (certain animals as well - but only in different specific situations). So we can say that human 2-leg walking is only better developed than of chimp or frilled lizard (using hind legs for fast run).
All highly developed animals do have brain and are able of different logical operations or understanding of situation (not in extend like human but they do), and they usually freak out in danger (also people do same thing in cases when they wind out that there is no rational solution to the problem), and humans as well as other animals are scared of certain things with no real reasons (we all have phobias and we freaked out).

Harder: Animals as well as humans have their emotions and they are able to express them (in a limited way compared to human), and they fell pain, heat, cold (just as we do - with differences in tolerance threshold). So still only differences in a way and extend of expressions. In some cases they have special advantages in as sense of much better senses in general or with specific ones (bats are using sonars - like normal thing - human had invited them only in mid-nineteen century). Fishes are able to feel vibrations of surroundings - gosh we are not able to feel almost nothing of it - we have no need to (but it robs us for interesting experience of environment).

For smart ones: Animals usually have their "social" order, political relations, they play roles. Ants - organization like in no human army (bees as well), Wolves (loving family and society). You have alpha and beta pair - alpha are dominant leaders and beta are wise elders, and alpha position is always endangered by youngsters believing that they are strong and smart enough to replace current alpha male (horses, lions, you name it, ranking is strict and authority is questioned all the time). We think we are good by electing incompetent leaders and we are afterward not able to reexamine their authority all the time - just from election to election, in nature every fight is new election or better new opportunity to change aging old-fashioned ruler.

So far I cannot find any strong evidence that human is more than animal in general (it is better or differently developed in evolution - but still for me has nothing that is not able to be seen at other animals).

For genius - or question that puzzles me: Are animals religious creatures. This is only element that might be different or that we are not aware of. Nobody ever proved that they believe into something. They can organize, feel, thing, develop, communicate, even create some art but do they have believes. ??????

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