Friday, May 4, 2007

comrade TITO

In year when I was bon on april 4th former Yugoslavia fall. It was 3pm and comrade Tito died in Ljubljana main hospital. I was borm two months later but I remeber him, from history, from school and despite only ten years later his dreams disapeared I was still his. It is funny how somethings can touch people that much, despite one did not even really know much about his times. When I was in primary school and than later in college I just knew him as historical person. However, at my study of political science I found much more about him and I found him interesting in other ways.
He was cruel in a way, but he made Yugoslavia important part giving the balance between cold war. He was the iniciator of world peace, who was capable and strong enough to stand preasures from East and West. Mostly he was good politician and charizmatic person. He hade one of greatest funerals in the XX. century. He give to many of people possibilty not to survive but to live in his times - and he is at least politicaly responssible for death of many others.
He was compelx person but to me, as I see it now, he gave ideas about what person I should be. And here he was more positive than Bush talking about Axis of Evil.

There is old song about young people giving word to him and to the nation. Idea is we may go different way than you did but you can count on us".

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