Friday, May 18, 2007

long week

It was one of longest weeks. I was just back from Helsinki ECPR conference. It was great event and it was a great feeling to meet some new people as well as to meet old friends and colleagues. Thanks to all of them for a great time, funny photos and deep thouhgths. And certainly also special thanks to Milena who agreed with me that we political scientists are strange people with wired sense of humor and with mulitiple personalities.
Second good thing - in nine years I got my first speeding ticket - great opportunity to spend some extra money for nothing - but last fourteen days I am really genreous. And her we are on wednesday which became the day D. It goes to history. I did it, finaly, after 20 years spet in educational system there is no level left to achieve it. I can from now on only do it again and again or better, I can find new challenges. But at the moment I still have so many things unfinished that I can work for the whole summer to clean all the mess with differetne papers and texts.
And yesss book on e-governace and e-business at the costumers' serivce is finally officially published and available to be ordered at

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Anonymous said...

Iskrene cestitke za doktorat in vse ostale uspehe.

Kar tako naprej! You can do it.