Wednesday, May 2, 2007

When you are empty

Its my personal but I will make it in English. Maybe I will be even less clear as usual but it doesn't matter. One to whom this post is dedicated to will probably never read it. But I will never forget THE SCREAM, it was the only scream I will ever remember. I will never forget New Years' tears. And I will never forgive myself for not doing what I should do on April 5th. But years pass away, and you think it is OK until - until thhere is someone who crossed your way and make you think of what you want and more of what you are. And this person make you cry again, because you find out what a bastard you are. I would like to prove myself better than I did it before. One who will never read this post should do so - just to know that I remember. And one who will maybe read this post should know that I... oh the PERSON knows. All the others just don't matter at all. But they can read and thing about themselves.


Mateja said...

My dear,
I'm so sorry that the person that should've read this, probably won't... But I believe that the words just fly in the air, and maybe one day she will her them in the whispers of the wind... On teh other hand, the road of life is so long and wide, that you may meet her. Or even better, meet a person, that will coulur your sky in the coulour that you want. I don't want to be the smart ass here, I just want to make the emptyness more tolerable.
Take care

Mateja said...

ps: And forget my typing mistakes while reading:)