Saturday, April 28, 2007

To my internationa friends

In last weeks I noticed that some people come also from abroad to see these posts. Warm greetings to them. I will surely be glead to get some information on them, how do they find this site, what, they were searching for and so on.
Sometimes I try to write something to them in my broken English. However please feel free to respond to anything.

Dear colleagues, friends, strangers, isn't it so interesting how people can meet and make new contact via the Internet today. Imagine that we could be limited to correspond only within the country and some lucky bastards maybe also in neighbour countries. Yesterday somebodi from Britain was here, some days ago I was visited by some Chinese person, and so on. I can talk to you without limitations . If someone is trying to prevent me I can just change service and go on an on an on. Nobody can stop the sea of ideas.

It is April 29th 2007 21.52PM and I can reach someone in Japan who has alredy 30th or some one in Canada with daytime of 29th. And wee can all meet here in one moment and change the world. OK, last part will demand much more than reading my ideas.

Have a nice day, and I will try to post in english a bit more frequently.

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