Sunday, April 8, 2007

British soldiers will sell their story to media

After two days back in Britain from 13-day Iranian enprisonment they are already talking business. News is that they will sell their story to media for a big money. I am sure they have quite a lot to tell to media about 13-day prison in Iran. But does it matter - no it doesn't. It is only bullshit that will make them earn their yearly salaries in one moment.
What if all prisioners in Guantanamo sell their stories of more than five years in prison without fair trial. I think they have much more interesting stories. Even the movie "Guantanamo" passed almost unseen, despite it was great work about how innocent people get involved in political mess that cost them their lives or/ and their human dignity.
Iranina president made great show for western politics with this British soldiers. I believe that Iran was quite strict towards Britains. However, Iran showed great respect towards them at least in public.
So the true Britis story about 13-day enprisonment will be at least very short and irrelavant. However, western media will certainly made big talk about it, just for supporting western domination in international community. It is even more itonic that in the same days some American newspaper published that there was no connection between Saddam Husein regime and Al-Kaida and how this was only Bush excuse for starting invasion on Iraq.
Each day it seems more evident how war on terror and spreading democracy is only mask for invading countries that are weak enough to be conquered and reach enough to be worth some soldiers lives.

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