Saturday, March 31, 2007


My first international post goes to two most intensive and beautyful days spent in Beograd. I was there for the first time and it was greatest pleasure too meet some friends and collegues there. I am really very thankful for all all they did for me, nice reception, good company and lot of fun (other things are business secrets - for now).
City seems to be growing again and for the stranger it shows perfest picture of developing area that is growing stronger from dark past days into moderen center of the region.
Traffic is crazy - but it runs quite well. It can be understood as ordered chaos.
I was at the Tito's grave and it is sad - not that the old guy is dead but that he is not getting the attention he deserves - not matter how dark was his era (I believe that area of Former Yugoslavia survived worst times under other leaders) - he was one of greatest leaders in second half of 20th century. Thinking about him and his current position of almost forgotten one I am intending to study something harder his political ideas and current values in Slovenia. It can be only hypothesis for now that his ideas of economic development somewhere between free market and absolute state market planing is still close do the model preferred by Slovenians. I am really curious why mostly only Slovenian people go to his grave.

However, he is history, as many other things and main reason to be in Belgrade was e-services. They have great master program of e-business that Slovenian academic world will not be able to prepare for a long time - because our inability to cooperate among different sciences and create serious program on the one of most perspective topics of information society. In fact it seems to be strange situation where Slovenia has one of best broadbend coverages in the world (better than USA) while in Serbia this is not the case. But on the other hand they have great master program that will enable them to create good specialists who will be able to understand information society better than we are able now with only limited insights from different points of view.

Most negative surpriese was when I was returning home (I used train in both ways) . First Croatian police made check of my luggage - it happend never before aand I was treveling with train, passing Croatia to Hungary for 3 times last year and I never had to open case. Also at Croatian- Slovenian border I was opening my case to Croatian police again and than also to Slovenian. When you get the Serbian mark in passport, you can expect additional check of luggage for no reasons. Hate that. I know that they have the right but I in the way they searched my case, I could have gun and they were not able to see it, it was all about opening the case for nothing. I understand it unprofessional and against good interregional cooperation - big F for Slovenian and Croatian border police for acting in such way.
According to this Serbian police was correct - I entered Serbia for the first time - and they asked, if it my first time, checked my passport if there is some police file on my name and wished me nice stay.

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