Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Decisionmaking in EU - changing balance of power

In these days we are facing again lively debate on how voting in European Union institutions should be organized. Basic situation is that great member states of EU from old EU15 are defending current model of decision making (voting), while Poland knows that number of votes is not comparable to the population number of different countries, especially Poland. According to this they are trying to change relations between number of votes belonging to individual member states.
But they are underestimating power of Slovenian membership in the EU. Let's take quick historical argument. Slovenia or better, different political systems including Slovenian population were included in different more or less forced federative systems of more different nationsthroughout history.
If we start with ancient times, Slovenian geographic area was part of Roman Empire - it crushed. Than Slovenian geographic area was relatively comparable covered by so called Carantania in 8th century AD. We (our progenitors) were conquered so this "first Slovenian state crushed", than We were part of Hapsburg monarchy - it crushed. Than we had State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs - it crushed in less than a year. Than we got Monarchy of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and it crashed again. After this attempt smart monarch tried with Monarchy of Yugoslavia - It crushed. After third war we got Federative Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. It crushed again. Then we had about 14 years of complete independence - Have no idea how we managed not to kill ourselves by some civic war (it is possible idea according to the fact that we are still accusing each other of being a communist or being a fascist collaborator). But we grew stronger in this 14-year period (at least economically). And in 2004 we entered the EU. What happen with each political system where Slovenia and Slovenes are included - history teach us that such system will collapse sooner or later. And in this sense I really don't understand quarrel about number of votes in European institutions started by Polish government. EU will collapse anyway - Because Slovenia is in. It seems that we are like Trojan horse.

And you know what people also say - in every joke there is a small part of truth.

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