Friday, June 22, 2007

Security of US

I am just most happy to hear such news as one that some hecker get into the pentagon computer system and that they also break into Office for National Security - Isn't it Ironic. It is best joke ever heard (each time I hear it). In fact it is truth and it is awful truth. And it is awful for two reasons. First is the potential of leaking classified information that can harm some state. But it is only minor point.
Second point of awfulness is that most quasi-protected state can be target of computer or any other kind of terror. Successful attacks on the Internet of most protected parts of US state structure are showing that system is in fact very weak and it is building state security mostly on the basis of denying basic rights to the people.

Just remember Katrina orcane where US system of aid and reconstruction failed completely as well as security system (on you tube you can find video clips of cops stealing in stores together with other people). It shows real values of average American citizen. Too much and strict control of citizens behaviour does not help US to maintain security of the state but it mostly violate basic human rights and leads to the great Big Brother show where you are in even if you don't want to be. Security in the US will be regained with less imperialistic foreign policy and with much higher level of social welfare provided by the government. In fact it seems to be classical economic dilemma between cannons and butter. And it seems that sometimes more butter can bring higher level of security than more cannons.

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