Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Protection of Wolves in Slovenia - notice to Slovenian Government and to the World

Because of sheep killing (By wolf or abandoned dogs) Slovenian government decided to order extraordinary shoot-out of not defined number of Slovenian wolf population. Wolf is completely protected animal in Europe, but Slovenian government confirmed already sixth exceptional wolf shooting in 2007 (last permission for shooting wolves was accepted now in the season when young cubs are coming out for their first survival lesions). Some other colleague remembered me of this and I also wrote about this problem before. If before it was only my commentary on some actual situation, this time it is activist propaganda for protecting wolf population in Slovenia.

Instead of being grateful and protecting wild-life in Slovenia, government is supporting farmers to breed sheep in the area of predators with subsidies, and than they press (with some trophy hunters) on government to pay them of for lost animals by wolf attacks and to hunt wolves down.
And this is certainly not the way to maintain sustainable development in Parts of Slovenia with wolf population (It is mainly South-west Slovenia and wolf population is shared with Croatian Gorski Kotar area). Slovenian Ministry of Environment still did not accepted appropriate strategy on wolf population. Instead of protection of wild-life some measures were taken that were preventing contacts between wolfs and bears and humans (special feeding places for wild animals in the woods, providing them support not to leave their primary environment and start closing to the civilization.

Slovenian media are not covering this topic in appropriate manner to inform the people on role of wolf population in Slovenia and it seems appropriate that international organisations start their campaign in order to protect Slovenian natural treasury because Slovenian government is still much more supportive to farmers instead of environmental protection as part of sustainable development which is not only economic growth and social development but also preserving natural resources and beauties for further generations.

If you are supportive to idea please post your comment, link this, this and this post to your blog posts, make copy of it and share it among your contacts. If you are holding responsible position start acting now in order to protect wolf population in Slovenia from extermination under the mask of protecting peoples life and economic interests. You can also send e-mail of protest to Sector for environment preservation at Ministry of environment in Slovenia and inform closest WWF Office in Austria.


Brinova Jagoda said...

Well, I've read your post and this is my opinion. I most certainly agree with your statement about our government not taking appropriate action and the media reports which are only limited to informing people about sheep slaughters.

The same thing is happening with the bears and a lot of other species. The problem is not just in the ministry's work, but in the minds of the whole population. We are reigned by money and until something changes profoundly, the tragedy will continue.

It is nice however to see that someone cares and is willing to make a difference.

Harry said...

I just hope that through the system of posts we will be able to develop some extra pressure on government to act appropriately. This post was already forwarded to some institutions in Slovenia and abroad that are responsible for protection of naturea and wild-life.

NadiaNYC said...

Unfortunately, Slovenia's government and it's populace is not any different to us in the United States. Fear and ignorance takes over and we never learn from history's mistakes. Wolves are a protected species for a reason. They are magnificent creatures and a vital part of the eco-system. Thank you for spreading the word and making a difference. I would suggest that you create a petition targeting the Slovenian government. This should raise awareness and help gain the support you need. Not many people are apt for writing comments; however, they will easily sign in support of your cause. Hence, a petition would work best. Also, perhaps reach out to wildlife organizations for help? Good luck! - Nadia, NYC

Harry said...

Hello Nadia, thanks for your contribution. Glead to hear from you. Mass media are not too keen on this topic that ienabling higher level of ignorance by government. Contacts are made on different points already. But It seems that internet preasure is getting more poweful.

Looking forward to hear from you again on this or other topics. Best wishes!

Thunderrwolf, USA said...

Nadia and i are co host of a group on name animal friends of the Balkans i am particular to wolves Nadia suggested a petition which i know does work if we can help in anyway don't hesitate to ask

Khalipha said...

Good post.