Friday, August 31, 2007

My Blog is worthy - how much?

I found out that at the moment My blog even has some artificial value. You can see it on the right side. 3,387,4$ at this moment - OK is better than nothing but I have problems selling my digital photo camera not even thinking about selling my blog. However I somebody would like to pay for advertisement on this blog I am always open to fair business.

And my pool on what do you miss on my blog is over. Nine people missed something enough to vote. 3 of them want more personal posts, only two thing that my photos are good enough to be good idea to post more of them and finally 5 people think that I should write more about political science.

I will try to post something more personal things - maybe even some old personal writings and I will try to comment more on actual political situation. And I will try to be sharp and provocative - or at least not too boring ;)


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