Sunday, August 12, 2007

God save us from the US government

Today I got another great US paranoic case. And I check it at local news (even more terrifying numbers). Redirecting people to the other Airports and keeping them in airplanes for such a long time is just another product of American anti terrorist quasi-activities that are violating most basic human rights of respecting human dignity. Not even mention economic loses of airliners and also the airport. And it is just another reason for me to keep out of USA for as long as such restrictions will be applied - if I ever go there I promise it will be from Canada and than by car on the other side. American isolation from the rest of the world with its polices will cause huge problems.

At the moment we are in the second part of the cold war after short meltdown of international relations between Moscow and Washington. Last Russian military actions and scientific achievements are clear message to the Washington that in the case of further imperialist ideas they will not tolerate to be out powered.

Biggest problem in this story is weak position of EU that can not become tampon-zone divided between east and west. In this sense American missile shield defense in east Europe is direct potential for causing third world war that will be certainly catastrophic and its main front-row will be again in Europe. However, our main advantage is weak US economy, that cannot be simply fixed with additional oil supply but it needs much more serious reforms (Thank God for China). Despite imperialist international relations and protectionist economic policy in the US, they are not able to fix their problem of export deficit, especially with China that makes US depending on cheap China products. At the moment China is economically strong enough and fast growing to become economic world superpower.

European union is also preparing possible back-strike to American immigration policy on the airports, that will (if accepted) limit uncontrolled free entrance (similar to American visa waiver) of foreign citizens into EU. So here we go to more free world.

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