Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Izjemni odstel volkov - sprenevedanje brez primere

Slovenska kmetijsko stroka je še enkrat pokazala svojo ekohistorijsko zaplankanost. Volkovi so stalni prebivalci Slovenije od pradavnine in so kot normalen pojav na območju notranjskega Krasa ter v drugih predelih opisani že v Valvasorejevi Slavi vojvodine Kranjske. na prehodu v dvajseto stoletje je bila volčja populacija na območju Slovenije praktično iztrebljena, nekoliko bolje se je pisalo medvedom in še slabše risom. Danes, ko govorimo o trajnostnem razvoju ter sozvočju človeka z živaljo država pametno ukinja ukrepe za držanje velike divjadi na razdalji od človeškega prebivališča (ukinjanje krmišč in mrhovišč) ter spodbuja naseljevanje ter rejo drobnice na območju gibanja teh živali neposredno izziva konflikt dveh civilizacij (človek je žival po izvoru in po vseh značilnostih višje razvitih živalih obstajajo dokazi o vseh lastnostih človeške družbe - od organiziranja, tekmovanja za uspeh in preživetje - nenazadnje je že dokazano da človek ni edina žival ki se seksualno udejstvuje zaradi užitka in ne zgolj iz potrebe po reprodukciji).
V tej situaciji pomanjkanja mrhovine ter lahke dostopnosti drobnice ni čudno če si trop prisvoji nekaj glav za preživetje na vsake toliko. Nihče ne pove podatka koliko drobnice uničijo potepuški psi. Francija uvaža naše medvede v zavedanju, da je medvedja populacija na območju kjer je bil iztrebljen bistveno več vredna kot pa nekaj poklanih ovac. Ko se bomo naučil živet v sožitju z divjadjo in od turizma naravnih parkov bomo bistveno bogatejši kot sedaj, ko kmet redi ovce samo zato da dobi subvencijo od države.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer study at UoManitoba -part III.

My last written post in my living in Winnipeg (next one will provide you with some pictures).
We usually rent car for weekend and drive us to the down town or to some nice place around. It is tradition to listen BOB FM (you can do it to) in the car. From airport and back we usually take big limo - it is big enough for at least half of group and it is cheaper than taking 4 regular cars. Our car is not something usual because our group is quite big so we need big car - it is some Chrysler van and before it was great GMC jeep. Our record was 16 people on board and we were like army entering and leaving the car. Despite we are not able to catch everything what is going on we usually get tickets for some concerts or sports event. We visited Morris stampede rodeo and it is great fun (for come cowboy :)), We have BBQ with Slovenians who live there for years and we always eat too much :) , we never skip to go to Winnipeg lake (I prefer Adriatic) and to Bird hill lake (It is small natural park with some water no bigger than two basketball playgrounds. But is fun anyway. And we traditionally go to Lower Fort Garry - it is open air museum where locals are playing roles of mid 1800's. It is great trip worthy of paying attention.

If you are studying intense than this more or less all you can do in that time but If you prefer to see more than there is no limits to do so - except the fact that Manitoba is more than 30 times bigger than Slovenia and it has almost half of Slovenian population (1,1mio) Density of Manitoba is about 2,1 inh/km2 compared to Slovenia where it is 99inh/km2. (data from wikipedia)

Next time, as I promised - some photos.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer study at UoManitoba -part II.

In previous post I more or less introduced my working part in Winnipeg. Today I will try to explain something about living there for that month.
We were placed in St.Andrews College in the university Campus. Building seems to be relatively old and rooms are made out of bricks - and just nobody cares about beauty or comfort. Walls are usually not decorated but only painted bricks - you are able to see them. Women and men are separated in two levels. You have about common toilets in each level. Each room has anti mosquito net (I will tel you about this symbol later on). Building is run by some Ukrainian Orthodoxes. It is religious college and in summertime when regular students are out they rent rooms to the others. All such facilities are using this practice to earn some extra money.

Next to study second main occupation is sport. I wont tell about golf fields - If I am right around Winnipeg there is more than 20 of them. One is just next to the campus. However, there is also big grass field with running distance on the edge of approx. 1,2 km. Each second day I ran about 8 laps in the morning. Second sport occupation is use of university sport facilities. For 34 CAD you get free entrance to the tennis courts, basketball playground, Olympic pool with sauna, fitness and some other things. Each day in the afternoon I spent about hour and a half in fitness doing exercises together with our professor.

Next to the regular sports activities, there are also irregular sports activities - It is shopping. You need fresh watter to drink and something to eat in the evening, so we used to go each evening to nearest grocery shop - about 15 minutes walk. I always ate some cakes from shops' bakery and bananas (0,59CAD for lb). And We always walk with each other even If you did not need something that day you escort your buddy to be more fun. And it is a lot of fun sweating (in July it can be normally more than 30 degrees and almost 100% humidity - you can breath water. And you have fu...ing mosquitoes all the way and even local sprays are almost ineffective - so you are hitting yourself like madman. And because of golf yard where too much water is used mosquitoes are even more aggressive. There is some pawned road to the store and we call it "mosquito road" just for too much mosquitoes. National symbol of Manitoba is Bison but even Manitobans say that is should be Mosquito. But it is still fun - I prefer mesquites to daily routine in Ljubljana. Oh by the way in the winter it can be -45 degrees.

Lunch time we decided to have around 12.30 Ind we use one of many student restaurants. I prefer Pembina hall, where you have bunch of slates, about three main meals of the day and dessert. You have salate self-service, and if you are smart you will take more compact salate and put ti on as much as you can - you pay for plate, no matter how much you add to it, and than you get main meal and you can again serve your self something to the main meal - usually pommes, rice, cooked vegetables or something - again as much as you can, and than you take dessert (if you want) and you will pay about 5-6 CAD. And After that if you are able to eat anything until evening it is proof that you are not able to build your plates with food good enough. Oh by the way - food in Pembina hall was always great. You can eat at other places but you will not be able to put food on your plate by yourself and you will pay more. First - it is more expensive and second, because you will get less it is even more expensive - so until now I am fan of Pembina hall. Oh by the way every sixth meal in Pembina is for free - you can get some card and then they mark you each meal you buy and every sixth is for free. This is more socialism than in Slovenia - In Šumi under Faculty of Social sciences you have no choice to pick up food as you wish and you have to pay every meal - more than it is worthy.

Next time, something about fun we have there.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Message to the world and our government

We (our parents) stood with our fists lift in the air when you were in jail. We stood strong under the red flag fighting against world tyranny. And YES, yesterday I stood there with my fit in the air singing the anthem of hope for better future for everyone and for everyone' freedom.

In fact it was cultural event in my town of birth and legend of Slovenian punk-rock music Pero Lovšin (despite I am quite far from punk listener) had concert of his most well known songs among which is also adapted version of Bandiera rossa. It is great view to see people supporting singer with their voices and it is nice idea to see people singing this song before Slovenian parliament. In fact I was always some kind of rebel but last years I get pissed of every few days because of some political decisions of current government and I have more and more reasons to Wear shirt wit Tito's picture and singing revolutionary songs.

Instead of modern so called "turbo"music telling me about some horny girl loving long pipe of firefighter (in Slovenian it is completely understandable as penis) Bandiera rossa is giving us clear political message and it can animate people for action instead of some fuck-promoting song that is not able to make my will standing and far not even thinking about any action (political or sexual). I really would like to hear Bandiera rossa reminding our government that people will not just stand and watch anything that our government will invent to save their asses for another term on rule.

Here is You Tube version of Pankrti version of Bandiera rossa song:

Summer study at UoManitoba -part I.

In a comments to some previous post Roxa asked me to tell about my Canada life (she asked twice so I have to do it :P and according to the fact that sometimes I have no idea what to post at the very moment I will do it.

To understand my background; I was studying American studies at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. And within this program You can also choose one month study excursion each summer to the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. I went for three times until now and it was great.

Dorm is paid out of our study fees so individuals are paying flight and live in Winnipeg. And main reason for going there - about 2,5 millions of books and documents available in free access (you can go among book shelves and browse among books without restrictions - For example at the Faculty of Economics, you have to find book in computer system and order it from stock without possibility to check content of the book before borrowing it and with limitation to borrow no more than 10 books a day, what is ridiculous if you return books that have good title and key words and useless content (I had such problems when writing my diploma). Second greatest advantage is that you can use computers and browse some additional Internet sources and also write text without restriction. Third positive element is that main library (there are several smaller but I had no need to use them) is open 8-21 Mo-Thur, 8-17 Fri and 10-17 Sat - please show me such library in Slovenia.Third important thing is that there is no local environment to bother you all the time. I never took my mobile phone so I only used e-mail when it was necessary and I usually studied from 8 to 17 each day with one hour lunch break.

Maybe I should start with something more interesting, but if my main reason for visiting Canada until now it was study it is better so. Next part will be more fun in day or two.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sony DSC H1 - Prodam

Moj dobri fotkoparatič se bo moral posloviti. Od jeseni 2005 je lepo služil svojemu namenu, poleti 2006 pa se mu je pridružil še Sonyjev teleobjektiv. 5,1MPix, 12x optični zoom in pester nabor prednastavljenih možnosti za fotografiranje so njegove osnovne odlike, ki omogočajo uporabo popolnim začetnikom, kot tudi nekoliko zahtevnejšim uporabnikom. Vse skupaj je v odličnem delujočem stanju, ampak moje zahteve po foto opremi so se nekoliko dvignile zato celoten komplet opreme za ta aparat, vključno s teleobjektivom in nekaj dodatne opreme prodajam. Morebitnih interesentov bom zelo vesel.

Več o aparatu pa na http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sonydsch1/

Virus at Hotmail account - WARNING

WARNING. today I just received another Hotmail staff email, and thanks God I never use some e-mail client for my hotmail e-mails. Today, when I noticed that another mail is waiting for me I as usually opened web page with hotmail and in that moment (even not clicking on new mail) I just got my Avast antivirus warning that there is worm somewhere. That much about quality of hotmail - Windows live hotmail mail account - It never happened before but anyway, it is so nice to see that windows umbrella is supporting such bad services.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Google Analytics

Every time when I change something at may blog, like template or something else similar Code for my Google Analytics Is gone to Analytical f...ing heaven. And new interface is even worse in quick refresh of data so it still takes hours to monitor the traffic. Why it is so good to change well working interface with more stupid one and than wait next few months on full working version just because now there is better map.
I have some feeling that in last days all thinks showing me statistics on this blog is falling apart in one way or another. Better to translate another few pages of my phd. in English and hope to get the money for new book.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

hitra blagajna -spar

Danes sem ponovno letal po trgovinah - menjam svoj fotoaparata - če koga zanima, lahko napiše comment z mailom pa mu pošljem info, no in v tej iskalni mrzlici (v bistvu bolj zbiranju informacij) sem celo uspel pomisliti na to, da moja zaloga robcev obsega en sam robec. V paniki sem skočil v Interspar v Cityparku. Simpatična zadeva, dokler ne prideš pred blagajno - tam dobiš občutek, da v vsakem trenutku v tej trgovini kupuje 10% Ljubljanske populacije. _In ker nekateri kupijo xyz količino stvari, logično porabijo na blagajni bistveno več časa, kot nekdo, ki kupi en paket robcev (15x10 robčkov) za 0,94 Evra. Zato so izumili hitro blagajno - v tujini je to že dolgo časa stalna praksa. Ampak glej ga zlomka - pred mano so bili v vrsti trije in to vsak z manj kot 5 izdelki. Čakal sem pa bistveno dlje kot na navadni blagajni. Da se človeku strga.

1. Tako velika trgovina morda rabi dve hitri blagajni in ne eno.
2. Blagajničarka na hitri blagajni nima pravice do počasnejšega dela kot na navadni blagajni.

(imel sem namreč možnost opazovati sosednjo, navadno blagajno, kjer je blagajničarka v času, ko sem čakal v vrsti uspešno odpravila eno stranko več in to ob večji količini zaračunanih dobrin.

In to je hitra blagajna - spet se mi toži po Kanadi.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rainbow - photos

Finally - it took me some time to destroy my picture with copyright watermark. Sorry, It is written in the disclaimer below. All pictures from now on will be spoiled in the same way. However, I think you will still enjoy nice photos. On Aug 10th collegue got some more of them.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Drinking and Driving

Glede na dejstvo, da sem zasvojen s svojim nekajmesečnim kanadskim domovanjem v Winnipegu, kjer sem v preteklih letih preživel kar nekaj prijetnih in delovnih trenutkov, si pogosto privoščim tudi moj tamkajšnji radio 99,9 BOB FM. Danes sem slišal najboljšo reklamo na svetu, ki jo ulita Slovenija ne bo sposobna naslednjih 50 let. Lepa novica da je življenje polno različnih možnosti na katero nekdo pribije da alkohol (pitje) in vožnja (pod vplivom alkohola) ni ena izmed teh lepih možnosti. Nekaj povsem znanega. Presenetilo je nekaj drugega - v Kanadi je ob reklami v veliko primerih naveden tudi naročnik reklame - no naročnik je bilo Združenje pivovarjev Kanade. Kdaj bosta Union in Laško opozarjala, da alkohol in volan nista za skupaj????? Namesto, da oglašujejo nalivanje za prijatelje ki ga ustvarjajo že od 1875 ali kako že. In potem se čudimo pri koliko prometnih nesrečah je vključen alkohol. Proizvajalci alkohola bi v Sloveniji morali plačevati poseben davek, glede na to koliko stroškov povzročijo alkoholizirani ljudje.

Pod to se podpišejo:
Pivovarna Laško
Pivovarna Union
Vino Brežice
Ptujska klet
Vina Kras
Vina Goriška Brda
Agroind Vipava
Klet Bistrica
ter gora s.p in d.o.o. katerih proizvodi zastrupljajo staro in mlado. Celoten seznam dobite preko PIRS imenika.

In namesto, da bi ti klimpslni 10% prihodka namenili v kampanjo za varno uživanje alkohola se bojo raje izgovarjali, da mora biti vsak sam dovolj odgovoren da ve kje je meja. Vsem, i so zakrivili nesrečo v alkoholiziranem stanju bi morali kazensko vtetovirati flašo na roko (pretiravam ampak me jezi).

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Some nice photos - Slovenia

Glede na to da se precej potepam po naravi s fotoaparatom bom občasno na blog dodal nekaj avtorskih fotografij posnetih s Sony DSC-H1 digitalnim fotoaparatom. Slike so last avtorja, vsakršna uporaba le teh brez avtorjeve pisne privolitve je prepovedana. Več o možnostih uporabe slik preberite na koncu blog strani. Uživajte v lepotah narave.
some nice pictures made by my Sony From time to time I decided to postDSC-H1. They are completely authors work and nobody is allowed to use it without my written permission. More about my picture policy you can read at the end of this page in disclaimer. Enjoy beauties of the nature.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Nightlife in my room

Here we go again - another sleepless night. It is so f...ing hot that it is not possible to do anything useful. Finally I get me anti-mosquito net for the window so I can have open window and light turned on without risking all night of killing instead do sleeping or working. Today it is working one. I am preparing abut 200 pages translation into English on e-government. It is nothing of a job, just hope to have some luck and publish it somewhere. Otherwise it is completely stupid of me to bother myself with this shit.

Oh by the way, I will be glad if you participate in my pools that I added last day. And I will be glad of any comment - as usual. And By the way, Slovenia is best country in Europe introducing Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. We are using firefox in 48% of cases.

Long live the Fox with fire to burn E (picture was picked somewhere on the net).

Thursday, July 19, 2007

WTF I am ?

Now it is just the time to say something more about me. Who I really am? What should I tell? In fact I was just thinking abut my nick-names. I never thought that I will have one, but in fact I have quite a few of them.

I had long tradition of signing myself for fun as Col.W.F. Cody aka Buffalo Bill. It is just about my passion for the western stories and movies and it was never widely used. It was my childish joke.

When I started wearing country style some people shouted at me Jimmy or only cowboy - it was also nothing of my nick name - it was only reaction to my outfit, connected to the my self-building. Cowboy is also widely used among students who are not familiar with my name, and than they are asking around what is the name of cowboy.

My first real nickname was mostly used by my professor who prolonged Uroš to Uroševsky (it sounds Polish, Russian, or something like that) It was regularly used for a year or so and it is still from time to time, but only by this guy.

Second real nick name I got in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where colleague of mine found out that I am wearing sun-glasses making me similar to the Clint Eastwood - Dirty Harry. So I become Harry. I am quite in love with this one, and I am responding to it. And some people are calling me Harry from time to time and I use it quite often in personal e-mails or in blog - comments.

My youngest nick name is again by my professor. Now I am "Debeli" (with accent on i). His Canadian colleague translated it also in English version so I am also "Fatty". Great - joke about it is that I am in fact quite slim. However, I still have around 70 kg (on 183 cm).

So, that's me. Or only one part of me.

Slovenske pokrajine - BULLSHIT od politike

Slovenska razprava o pokrajinah je stara točno toliko kot reforma slovenske lokalne samouprave. Ampak politika do sedaj nikoli nove ravni političnega delovanja nikoli ni potrebovala tako krvavo kot ga potrebuje sedaj oziroma ga bo 2008, ob zaključku predsedovanja EU.
Danes je NSi predlagala dve stvari: ustanovitev šest namesto 14 ali 12 oziroma kolikor koli pač že pokrajin ter občo politično spravo do konca predsedovanja EU.
Število pokrajin je v vsakem primeru stvar političnega dogovora, ki bo odražalo neko določeno politično razmerje v državi ob sprejemu odgovora in ni se za bati, da ne bo območje pokrajin določeno na način, da bo zagotavljalo čim večjo izvoljivost predstavnikov strank, ki so trenutno na oblasti. Pokrajine bodo dejansko v polni meri najverjetneje zaživele na prehodu iz poletja v jesen 2008, ko se zaključi največji del obveznosti predsedovanja Slovenije EU, ko bo del zaposlenih v državni upravi (na račun predsedovanja) postal odvečen in ko bo minister Virant moral pred parlamentarnimi volitvami pokazati, da je državna uprava skrčila število zaposlenih on pa izpolnil predvolilno obljubo. Seveda se bodo pokrajine, enako kot državna uprava financirale iz davkoplačevalskega denarja, s čimer se ne reši problema prevelikega števila zaposlenih v državni upravi, ampak se ga samo preimenuje. Če požremo ta nateg, lahko hitro opazimo še enega. Namesto, da se administrativno določi 12 pokrajin, ki bodo prostorsko sovpadale z 12 statističnimi regijami (s tem se prepreči politično oblikovanje pokrajin ter kupčkanje z glasovi volivcev), ki so osnova za zbiranje statističnih podatkov o razvoju območja s čimer se bi zelo hitro ugotovilo ali določena pokrajina dejansko napreduje (v nasprotnem primeru je potrebna gora statističnega preračunavanja, ki bo omogočala manipulacijo in različne interpretacije rezultatov). Statistična regionalizacija ni optimalna je pa najbolj politično neodvisen kriterij, ki lahko prisili pokrajinske oblasti, da ne bodo služile zgolj praskanju po riti tistim odvečnim državnim delavcem, ki jih bo izpljunil projekt predsedovanja EU ampak, da bodo dejansko omogočili boljši razvoj posameznih območij (madona sm optimist).

Drugi del zgodbe NSi se nanaša na politično premirje med vsemi družbenimi akterji za čas predsedovanja EU - tako pritlehnega poskusa utišanja opozicije (od politične do znanstvene in družbene) pa še ne. In to ravno v tistem času ko se začnejo najpomembnejši boji pred parlamentarnimi volitvami 2008. Pol leta pred volitvami se vsi strinjamo kako dobri smo in ne opozarjamo na napake oblasti in posledično, dajemo lažni vtis da je sedanje stanje OK ter dobimo isto garnituro še enkrat - ne hvala. Vsak kritičen kontra argument mora biti jasno izražen kadarkoli, še posebno če je za dobro razvoja države (karkoli pač to že pomeni). Upam, da ne nasedemo tej ideji. Vsekakor pa ta poziv dejansko pomeni, da NSi prevzema komunistične metode, ko je bila vsaka kritika prepovedana v dobrobit izgradnje boljšega komunističnega sveta.

Če se bo tovrstno stanje duha še dolgo nadaljevalo se bo verjetno vrnilo geslo: Smrt fašizmu - svoboda narodu.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rešitev romskega vprašanja - farsa v nadaljevanjih

Pred dvema letoma sta v bombnem napadu na območju Dolenjske umrli dve Romkinji oziroma Ciganki (Glede tega sem vedno manj prepričanj ker izraz je manj sporen). Prijeli so nekaj ljudi in jih po dvoletnem prekladanju po sodišču danes oprostili. Farsa se bo verjetno nadaljevala na višjih instancah, krog se bo vrtel v prazno še nekaj časa, moteč pa je sociološki element te zgodbe. V kolikor bi bile žrtve Slovenci in napadalci Romi, bi zadeva verjetno bila zaključena drugače, tako pa lahko pričakujemo, da bodo lokalni civili, opogumljeni s tovrstnimi primeri še naprej reševali romsko problematiko po svoje. Tipičen primer je Ambrus, kjer ponovno Slovenci izvajajo nasilje nad Romskim prebivalstvom (dejansko nihče jasno ne izpostavi, da je bil neposredni povod za afero Ambrus v pretepu med prebivalcem Ambrusa ter Slovenskim civilom, ki se je preselil v romski klan in ne med Ambrušanom in originalnim pripadnikom Strojanovih), kjer se uprejo celo avtoriteti policije, itd. Seveda; ker je tako bistveno bolj enostavno, še posebno če državni aparat ne deluje preventivno ampak gasi že nastale razmere. V kolikor tovrstna oprostilna sodba obvelja, lahko mirno pričakujemo ponovno reševanje razmer na tak način. Kar nikomur ni v korist niti v ponos.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Motivation (strongly missing)

Last days, I was thinking about motivation too much. In fact, I was thinking about some public administration problem with motivation - I like to think about different topic connected to my research interests. However, I just cant pass by my motivation. At the moment it f....ing stinks. Outside it is 35Celsius and it is just too hot for anything else than cold drink and resting in shadow. But things have to be done on time, so I am not resting in shadow with cold drink in my hand, but I am just reading, thinking and writing. Today I just find out that my written output was below my average, so I should work much harder in next months in order to prepare some more materials for second half of year and for the next year.
However, there is no motivation at the moment. There is no whip over my head to control my output (in fact, some people will prefer that I stop with my writing for some longer period of time), and there is also no carrot to motivate me for sitting still and producing more than I am at the moment (I certainly have great reserve in time and ideas).
I am missing my study month in Winnipeg, where I usually prepared materials for a year in advance. It will be better one day - maybe when heat will be more bearable than today (I am optimist - tomorrow it is 38 promised by weather forecast).

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kdo odgovarja če dehidriram?

Vnos ..blablabla in plastenk s pijačo na prizorišče ni dovoljen. Tako se je glasil napis na tabli, ki je urejala red na prizorišču Zbiljske noči. In če v zgodnjih urah varnostne službe še niso izvajale nadzora nad tem, kaj kdo vnaša na prizorišče, Okrog 22.30 pa so na vratih varnostniki podrobno proučevali vsebino torbic in nahrbtničkov, kup plastenk pa se je vedno bolj večal. Nekateri so vsebino v želji zagotoviti si zadostno količino tekočine pred vstopom spili, drugi pa so se luksuzu prinešene pijače odpovedali.
Zatopim, da je vnos alkohola na prizorišče prepovedan, čeprav se ga lahko - sicer po abnormalni ceni - kupi tam. Nikakor pa ne zastopim, v čem je štos prepovedi vnosa nealkoholne pijače. Glede na to, da je predvsem pri mladih tovrstno dogajanje povezano z nekaj več aktivnosti je iz popolnoma zdravstvenih razlogov (preprečevanje dehidriranja) vnos vode logičen - ter ekonomsko smotrn, glede na to da se voda na prizorišču prodaja po trojni (nisem preverjal ampak definitivno ne po komercialni) ceni.

Torej v kolikor bi nekdo dehidriral je za moje pojme kriv organizator, ker je prepovedal vnos tekočine na prireditveni prostor. Ne vem sicer zakaj je bila postavljena ta omejitev vendar pa niti razlog večje prodaje predrage pijače na prireditvenem prostoru ne more opravičevati morebitnih posledic zaradi dehidracije - v tem primeru bi moral prireditelj zagotoviti neomejene količine vode brezplačno. Če pa je posredi neznani varnostni razlog - podobno neumen kot se ga uveljavlja v letalskem prometu potem imam pa občutek, da je nekaj hudo narobe z mentaliteto organizatorja v smislu pretirane paranojičnosti. Ekološki razlogi pa tako ali tako nimajo teže, ker še dolgo ne bo tako, da na katerikoli prireditvi v Sloveniji nebi po tleh ostalo polno plastike in papirja.

Zbiljska noč

Zbiljska noč je bila od nekdaj zapisana kot velik dogodek (v zgodovini mojega obveščanja o tovrstnih prireditvah, ob boku sta ji bili še Blejska noč in Pivo in cvetje v Laškem - torej za te tri prireditve sem vedel od malih nog). Včeraj se je zgodila ponovno - za razliko od nekaj preteklih let v lepem vremenu. Kot vedno pridem prezgodaj ampak dokler ne bom prezgodaj prišel še na svoj lasten pogreb ne panike. Na začetku je bil neki torbo harmonikar, ki mu lahko sicer priznam dobro obvladovanje meha ampak drugače je bil pa žalost današnjih dnevnih zvezdic. Sledil je koncert davno pokopanega Pop Design-a in zadeva se je precej spremenila (res je da je bil ob ravno pravi uri, da se je ljudstvo začelo resno nabirat ampak vseeno je bil občutek drug). Prostor pod odrom se je zbil do te mere, da je bil edini izhod na svobodo ob strani. Pogled na ljudi je pričal da z izjemo frajarčkov in frajlic rojenih od nekje 1990 dalje (ki so se samo neumno režali in niso imeli pojma) celotno ljudstvo sodeluje in poje. Pop Design je bil moj prvi koncert (pa ne da bi množično potem hodil na koncerte), nekje v sredini osnovne šole, ko so bili na višku moči dolgih las iz z Vilijem Resnikom v glavni vlogi. Glede na to, da sem poznal zgodovino tega banda relativno dobro in da mi je bilo precej žal da so se ostrigli in potonili v druge zadeve je bilo včeraj veselje toliko večje ko sem videl, da Pop design lahko v kratkem času ponovno zažari in da ljudje še vedno znajo njihove komade na pamet. Upam, da bodo sedaj že rahlo postarani rokerčki ugotovili, da je občutek da ljudje še pojejo tvoje komade dovolj velika spodbuda, da sproducirajo kaj novega v starem stilu.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Enjoying rewriting my own text - NOT

Again, I am in the same mass as always. I have to correct my own texts. And I hate it from the bottom of my heart. I am preparing book on Slovenian municipalities for two years now. We were waiting inspiration to finish the book and to get finances so long that all the legislation changed and even municipalities changed. So now if we want to do something useful we have to rewrite it in fact. And I just started new circle of study legislation and editing text - and I am just jumping in the air being so glad that I have to do it practically once again. Thanks God basic conclusions will mostly stay the same bullshit. Can't help if our local self-governance is in deep institutional shit connected to the local interests strong enough that every cock needs his own manure hill. However I still l hope that re-study of Slovenian local self-governance will provide us with at least more positive picture concerning financial situation.

I am sorry, book will be in Slovene, i will prepare next one in English - I promise.

Predsedniške volitve - 1.

No pa se je začelo, dovolj je malih ugibanj o tem in onem, kdo bo kandidiral in kdo ne. Dobili smo prvo resnično neumno predvolilno potezo. Veliki predsedniški samopromotorski kandidat, je želel da mariborsko letališče postane poimenovano po papežu JPII in s tem prvo imenovano po kakem papežu. No pa se je hitro izkazalo, da ima JPII že svoje letališče v državi iz katere prihaja - kar je edino logično. In glede na informacije o tem jako pametnem predsedniškem kandidatu kažejo, da bi lahko vsaj za silo bolje ocenil stanje glede poimenovanja letališča. Ne hvala, ta kandidat ne dobi podpore - če bo sploh nabral zadostno podporo za uvrstitev na glasovnico.

Čakamo, da se v predvolilno kampanjo ponovno vključita Cekuta in Hudabivnik.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

E-uprava v Sloveniji in e-volitve

Virant je pred nekaj dnevi v Bruslju ponovno pokazal svoje politikantske sposobnosti. V razgovoru z evropsko komisarko za informacijsko družbo in medije je odgovornost za neuporabo e-uprave v Sloveniji gladko naprtil državljanom. In njihovi neizobraženosti. G. Virant, niti pod razno ne uporabljam sistema e-davkov, niti pod razno ne uporabljam vladnega spletnega portala in ostalih velikih izumov slovenske e-uprave (ne glede na to da sem doktoriral s področja e-uprave), ker (ker sem neizobražen) - ne - ker je potrebno za digitalni podpis vložiti nekaj napora - preveč za moje pojme, ker moja dohodninska napoved ni predhodno rešena če jo oddam po e-poti (po izkušnjah kolegov), in nenazadnje ker Ministrstvo za javno upravo nazadnje, ko sem pošiljal vprašanje po e-pošti (junija 2006) na moj dopis ni odgovorilo. Torej je še vedno bolj enostavno, da grem v v vrsto, do informatorja ali pa pokličem (čeprav bom ponovno 5 min čepel na liniji samo med prevezovanjem). In spletni portal za državljane pri trenutni sopnji preglednosti zagotavlja vse ostalo kot uporabniku prijazen dostop do informacij - torej je verjetno nekaj narobe z e-upravo ne z državljani. Tako ali tako pa e-uprava ne more postati edina oblika upravne dejavnosti ampak samo alternativa, zato bodite veseli, da ob tej kakovosti sploh kdo poskuša uporabljati te storitve ( ne trdim da so vse enako slabe).

Sočasno Virant ponovno napoveduje e-volitve (tokrat na mestu kjer ima dovolj politične moči, da jih lahko izvede). V delu 9.julija 2007 je o tem nekaj pojasnil glede tajnosti glasovanja, ki predstavlja največji problem. Ali je zadeva zrasla na zelniku novinarke ali na čigavi drugi nisem razbral vsekakor pa ostajam skeptičen do tega, da je glasovnice v elektronski obliki ki so podpisane z elektronskim podpisom tako enostavno razdvojiti od tega, da je nemogoče da nebi predvsem tisti, ki so pri koritu lahko imeli vpogleda v to kdo je kako glasoval.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Naš modri vzor na cesti

Črna kronika je najboljša zabava, ki kaže podobo države. In v Sloveniji so še vedno v ospredju ceste tako in drugače. Ogromno časa preživimo za volanom, na poti od doma do dela in obratno nekateri pa še vmes,v kolikor jim življenje na cesti ni poklic.
Srečujemo se z najrazličnejšimi tipi voznikov, od nedeljskih, ki človeka obsodijo na izgubo živcev, do tistih, ki niso sposobni speljati ob zeleni luči ampak za registracijo spremembe na semaforju porabijo 2-3 sekunde in potem rabijo naslednjih 5 sekund da spustijo ročno in dajo v prvo prestavo (da o tistih, ki nikoli ne opazijo dodatne puščice ki predhodno sprošča promet v desno ali dlje časa omogoča zavijanje v levo). Potem obstaja gora cestnih manijakov, katerim je edina pomoč en močan betonski zid pri 160km/h. Potem pa obstaja morje povprečnih voznikov, ki poznajo osnovna pravila bontona in vedenja na cesti, razumejo kolegialnost, pravilo prednosti ter navadno vozijo nad omejitvami ampak ne divje (recimo, da se v lastni narcisoidnosti nekako prištevam v to skupino). No in potem je tukaj še posebna kategorija - policijska vozila v prometu. Na območju svoje mirujoče pojavnosti upočasnijo promet na 50km/h tudi če je omejitev 90km/h. Podoben učinek imajo tudi v kolikor so vključena v premikajoč se promet. Ampak vseeno imajo nekatere posebne lastnosti.

1. Še vedno je mogoče opaziti relativno pogosto neprižgane luči na policijskih vozilih (zelo dobr zgled državljanom).
2. V kolikor izven naselja peljete po omejitvi (ki ni 90km/h ampak manj) obstaja velika verjetnost da se vam nalepijo na zadek in ob prvi priliki prehitijo (tipičen primer je vožnja po dvopasovni trzinski obvoznici, kjer je omejitev 70 km/h (cesta v času redkega prometa omogoča varno vožnjo tudi pri 110km/h).

To dvoje izpostavljam, ker sta to dve stvari ki se lahko hitro zgodita vsakemu (da pozabi prižgati luči oziroma, da na pregledni prazni cesti prekomerno prekorači hitrost).

No in osnovni razlog za ta zapis je pa nekaj drugega; pred 14 dnevi je policija napovedala pojačano kontrolo hitrosti na slovenskih cestah, danes pa v delu berem. Pri Sežani prometna nesreča s smrtnim izidom ter enim hudo poškodovanim. Razlog: prevelika hitrost;: povzročitelj: policist v lastnem avtomobilu. ALI NAJ NEBI BILI POLICISTI VZOR OSTALIM VOZNIKOM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Ali pa so zgolj oblika polnjenja državnega proračuna. Kot človeku mu ne privoščim, niti njegovim bližnjim. Mi gre pa na grenak smeh ker vem, da bom moral plačat, ko me dobijo, da ponovno peljem prehitro, za tega policista pa močno dvomim, da bo zgodba dobila kak resnejši epilog. Pa čeprav mogoče ne tako hitro kot je peljal dotični.
Podoben primer, ki je v teh dneh dobil del epiloga pa je bila strelska zabava policistov na celjskem koncu - še en vzor kaj eni smejo kar drugi ne - ali pa mogoče zgled drugim, da posnemajo ????????????? MORDA PA LE VSEMOGOČNOST PLAVE UNIFORME V SLOVENIJI.

Receiving the honour of PhD.

Finally, since February 2003, when I for the first time opened the problem of answering e-mails in Slovenian public administration in my research agenda today I officially received PhD. title.
In fact I am still not very well aware of this fact but it is certainly result of some study. I was promoted with colleagues from four other University of Ljubljana Faculties and in some cases i just have feeling that I made nothing compared to them. However, I made a lot, and I promise to do even more. Maybe just because of such events as it was today. Here are some pics (Many thanks to my fine lady for them and her company).

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Summer relaxation week

Yessss, I finally got it - my week of relaxation at the Croatian (Istrian) coast. Like last year I spent my week off at nice, cosy and warm hotel of Del Mare.
They have small pool that is just great to stretch your legs in the afternoon and they have great personnel taking care that you feel much better than at home and that you have great meal in the afternoon. And price is - just ask them but it seems not much to me according to the luxury I get. You need to take short walk to the beach or just ask in hotel and they will tel you fore some beautiful spots nearby.
Everything is near Fazana and Pula. It means you can find some ancient Roman historical monuments like Amphitheater in Pula or you can go to visit Brioni islands from Fazana seaport, where TITO had one of his palaces with private ZOO and so on.

Oh yes - weather - it was better than expected and here are some pictures to prove that it was great time.

Tree to be under and Brioni at the horizon.

Sunset from hotel room.

Fazana by night.

Some more photos will be soon available at my home page.