Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer study at UoManitoba -part I.

In a comments to some previous post Roxa asked me to tell about my Canada life (she asked twice so I have to do it :P and according to the fact that sometimes I have no idea what to post at the very moment I will do it.

To understand my background; I was studying American studies at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. And within this program You can also choose one month study excursion each summer to the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. I went for three times until now and it was great.

Dorm is paid out of our study fees so individuals are paying flight and live in Winnipeg. And main reason for going there - about 2,5 millions of books and documents available in free access (you can go among book shelves and browse among books without restrictions - For example at the Faculty of Economics, you have to find book in computer system and order it from stock without possibility to check content of the book before borrowing it and with limitation to borrow no more than 10 books a day, what is ridiculous if you return books that have good title and key words and useless content (I had such problems when writing my diploma). Second greatest advantage is that you can use computers and browse some additional Internet sources and also write text without restriction. Third positive element is that main library (there are several smaller but I had no need to use them) is open 8-21 Mo-Thur, 8-17 Fri and 10-17 Sat - please show me such library in Slovenia.Third important thing is that there is no local environment to bother you all the time. I never took my mobile phone so I only used e-mail when it was necessary and I usually studied from 8 to 17 each day with one hour lunch break.

Maybe I should start with something more interesting, but if my main reason for visiting Canada until now it was study it is better so. Next part will be more fun in day or two.


Urška said...

ne vem, kaj ti gre EF tok v nos. :P
in ja, za tiste, ki berete komentarje tu - študiram ekonomijo! :)

Harry said...

nic mi ne gre EF v nos - ampak ce zelis pridit do literature na EF rabis ali bit tam zaposlen ali pa imeti zivce da do cesa uporabnega prides ker se vse skriva v skladiscu in ni dostopno cloveku, da sam poisce med policami kar rabi.

Urška said...

ok... to je res, sam zanimivo, da ravno EF omenjaš, ko pa si ti na FDV-ju. ;)

Harry said...

Jah, pač sem literaturo uporabljal tudi z EF - eni malo več preštudiramo, ane. Drugače bi pa sama videla če bi kdaj uspela iti na FDV, da imaš precejšen del novejše literature na voljo v prostem dostopu - torej tako, da jo lahko vzameš iz police in pogledaš preden si jo sposodiš.