Saturday, July 7, 2007

Summer relaxation week

Yessss, I finally got it - my week of relaxation at the Croatian (Istrian) coast. Like last year I spent my week off at nice, cosy and warm hotel of Del Mare.
They have small pool that is just great to stretch your legs in the afternoon and they have great personnel taking care that you feel much better than at home and that you have great meal in the afternoon. And price is - just ask them but it seems not much to me according to the luxury I get. You need to take short walk to the beach or just ask in hotel and they will tel you fore some beautiful spots nearby.
Everything is near Fazana and Pula. It means you can find some ancient Roman historical monuments like Amphitheater in Pula or you can go to visit Brioni islands from Fazana seaport, where TITO had one of his palaces with private ZOO and so on.

Oh yes - weather - it was better than expected and here are some pictures to prove that it was great time.

Tree to be under and Brioni at the horizon.

Sunset from hotel room.

Fazana by night.

Some more photos will be soon available at my home page.

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Urška said...

ha ha... kok se šele eni hvalijo! :P
Na Brionih sem tud jst bla... :)