Saturday, July 28, 2007

Message to the world and our government

We (our parents) stood with our fists lift in the air when you were in jail. We stood strong under the red flag fighting against world tyranny. And YES, yesterday I stood there with my fit in the air singing the anthem of hope for better future for everyone and for everyone' freedom.

In fact it was cultural event in my town of birth and legend of Slovenian punk-rock music Pero Lovšin (despite I am quite far from punk listener) had concert of his most well known songs among which is also adapted version of Bandiera rossa. It is great view to see people supporting singer with their voices and it is nice idea to see people singing this song before Slovenian parliament. In fact I was always some kind of rebel but last years I get pissed of every few days because of some political decisions of current government and I have more and more reasons to Wear shirt wit Tito's picture and singing revolutionary songs.

Instead of modern so called "turbo"music telling me about some horny girl loving long pipe of firefighter (in Slovenian it is completely understandable as penis) Bandiera rossa is giving us clear political message and it can animate people for action instead of some fuck-promoting song that is not able to make my will standing and far not even thinking about any action (political or sexual). I really would like to hear Bandiera rossa reminding our government that people will not just stand and watch anything that our government will invent to save their asses for another term on rule.

Here is You Tube version of Pankrti version of Bandiera rossa song:

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