Friday, July 13, 2007

Enjoying rewriting my own text - NOT

Again, I am in the same mass as always. I have to correct my own texts. And I hate it from the bottom of my heart. I am preparing book on Slovenian municipalities for two years now. We were waiting inspiration to finish the book and to get finances so long that all the legislation changed and even municipalities changed. So now if we want to do something useful we have to rewrite it in fact. And I just started new circle of study legislation and editing text - and I am just jumping in the air being so glad that I have to do it practically once again. Thanks God basic conclusions will mostly stay the same bullshit. Can't help if our local self-governance is in deep institutional shit connected to the local interests strong enough that every cock needs his own manure hill. However I still l hope that re-study of Slovenian local self-governance will provide us with at least more positive picture concerning financial situation.

I am sorry, book will be in Slovene, i will prepare next one in English - I promise.

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