Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer study at UoManitoba -part III.

My last written post in my living in Winnipeg (next one will provide you with some pictures).
We usually rent car for weekend and drive us to the down town or to some nice place around. It is tradition to listen BOB FM (you can do it to) in the car. From airport and back we usually take big limo - it is big enough for at least half of group and it is cheaper than taking 4 regular cars. Our car is not something usual because our group is quite big so we need big car - it is some Chrysler van and before it was great GMC jeep. Our record was 16 people on board and we were like army entering and leaving the car. Despite we are not able to catch everything what is going on we usually get tickets for some concerts or sports event. We visited Morris stampede rodeo and it is great fun (for come cowboy :)), We have BBQ with Slovenians who live there for years and we always eat too much :) , we never skip to go to Winnipeg lake (I prefer Adriatic) and to Bird hill lake (It is small natural park with some water no bigger than two basketball playgrounds. But is fun anyway. And we traditionally go to Lower Fort Garry - it is open air museum where locals are playing roles of mid 1800's. It is great trip worthy of paying attention.

If you are studying intense than this more or less all you can do in that time but If you prefer to see more than there is no limits to do so - except the fact that Manitoba is more than 30 times bigger than Slovenia and it has almost half of Slovenian population (1,1mio) Density of Manitoba is about 2,1 inh/km2 compared to Slovenia where it is 99inh/km2. (data from wikipedia)

Next time, as I promised - some photos.

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