Thursday, July 19, 2007

WTF I am ?

Now it is just the time to say something more about me. Who I really am? What should I tell? In fact I was just thinking abut my nick-names. I never thought that I will have one, but in fact I have quite a few of them.

I had long tradition of signing myself for fun as Col.W.F. Cody aka Buffalo Bill. It is just about my passion for the western stories and movies and it was never widely used. It was my childish joke.

When I started wearing country style some people shouted at me Jimmy or only cowboy - it was also nothing of my nick name - it was only reaction to my outfit, connected to the my self-building. Cowboy is also widely used among students who are not familiar with my name, and than they are asking around what is the name of cowboy.

My first real nickname was mostly used by my professor who prolonged Uroš to Uroševsky (it sounds Polish, Russian, or something like that) It was regularly used for a year or so and it is still from time to time, but only by this guy.

Second real nick name I got in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where colleague of mine found out that I am wearing sun-glasses making me similar to the Clint Eastwood - Dirty Harry. So I become Harry. I am quite in love with this one, and I am responding to it. And some people are calling me Harry from time to time and I use it quite often in personal e-mails or in blog - comments.

My youngest nick name is again by my professor. Now I am "Debeli" (with accent on i). His Canadian colleague translated it also in English version so I am also "Fatty". Great - joke about it is that I am in fact quite slim. However, I still have around 70 kg (on 183 cm).

So, that's me. Or only one part of me.

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