Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Motivation (strongly missing)

Last days, I was thinking about motivation too much. In fact, I was thinking about some public administration problem with motivation - I like to think about different topic connected to my research interests. However, I just cant pass by my motivation. At the moment it f....ing stinks. Outside it is 35Celsius and it is just too hot for anything else than cold drink and resting in shadow. But things have to be done on time, so I am not resting in shadow with cold drink in my hand, but I am just reading, thinking and writing. Today I just find out that my written output was below my average, so I should work much harder in next months in order to prepare some more materials for second half of year and for the next year.
However, there is no motivation at the moment. There is no whip over my head to control my output (in fact, some people will prefer that I stop with my writing for some longer period of time), and there is also no carrot to motivate me for sitting still and producing more than I am at the moment (I certainly have great reserve in time and ideas).
I am missing my study month in Winnipeg, where I usually prepared materials for a year in advance. It will be better one day - maybe when heat will be more bearable than today (I am optimist - tomorrow it is 38 promised by weather forecast).

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