Saturday, September 1, 2007

Commentary to Cartinal Franc Rode sermon

In Slovenia it is some Christian holly day today (it is local) and we have Cardinal Franc Rode, who escaped after Second World War to Argentina (Communist rule were not too keen on Christians - especially not those who connected them selves with Nazis regime in the war). And after independence in 1991 he returned (Rode) as main bishop in Slovenia (appointed by John Paul II.) and he started political preaching against communist rule and against liberal directions in Slovenia after independence (he was pain in the ass of many politicians and about 50% of normal Christian and Non-christian population). Than he became cardinal in Vatican so he moved there but he is returning to Slovenian for important Christian celebrations and preaching same old bullshit on values (so he is still pain in the ass of many). I respect good preachers with clear head and not some political revanchist.

Here is part of great country song by Charlie Daniels (Long Haired Country Boy) that is just the best comment on what I think about Rode and him-alike.

Preacher man talkin' on the TV,
He's a-puttin' down the rock 'n' roll.
He wants me to send a donation,'Cos he's worried about my soul.
He said: "Jesus walked on the water,"And I know that is true,
But sometimes I think that preacher man,
Would like to do a little walkin', too.

And I could start asking unpleasant questions why Catholic church in Slovenia is still greatest feudalist in the country. To hell with him and his hypocriticism.